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Ace camera service-Best Camera repair and service store in Alabama! | ACE CAMERA SERVICE- Mobile, AL


For over 25 years, ACE CAMERA SERVICE has been the leader in repair of high quality imaging products.
What we do-

We repair film and DSLR cameras, Lenses, light meters and mid format camera and lenses. If you can shoot with it, we can repair it. We repair all brands of equipment including, but not limited to: Nikon, Canon, Leica, Hasselblad, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Rollei, Yashica, Mamiya,Bronica, Tamron, Petnax, and Minolta. In addition to any newer and older equipment. our technicians have a great deal of experience repairing vintage equipment including Zeiss lenses plus vintage bodies and accessories.

Pro Service

Since 1990, ACE Camera Service has been in the camera repair business. Camera professionals and amateurs rely on us for all their Camera repair needs. From our professional, personal and friendly service, our customers are extremely satisfied. We offer higher quality camera repair service and unbeatable prices to our customers.

  • slhow91
    An asain man is the one who helped me. He didnt speak very much, but he took a quick look at my Canon Rebel XSI knew what was wrong with it, and had it ready in two days. Great service.
  • Rich 1
    I took my Sony DSLR to Ace. They were the only shop within 100 miles that agreed to check it. They were unable to repair in-house, but provided the camera to Sony for repair. I picked up the camera in a reasonable amount of time and for the agreed to price. I am happy with the service I received.
    Rich 1
  • Anita W.
    After two camera shops told me they couldn't fix my brand of camera lens, ACE Camera Service said they could fix it without a problem. Quick turnaround, fair price, and a great end result.  Will definitely go back if we have any more camera problems in the future.
    Anita W.
  • Jennifer Lee
    I had an old collapsible Leica lens that was hazy. I had been told by someone else that it could not be repaired. They were wrong. When the lens was returned to me it was spotless! I have since had them do another hazy Leica lens and couldn't be happier. They have also done light seals on numerous film cameras that I have. I would feel comfortable trusting them with any of my equipment.
    Jennifer Lee
  • Brandon Ross
    I brought my camera there for the first time in early December when it stopped working. The price for fixing my camera was fair and was within the range of what I expected it to be... about $130.  
    Brandon Ross